Participating in PR Week’s Davos Roundtable

"Davos Roundtable"Recently, I joined Bernadette Casey, senior editor of PR Week, and Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of the Huffington Post, to discuss this year’s World Economic Forum, which took place from January 23-27 in Davos, Switzerland.  We joined with other public relations executives for a Davos Roundtable in New York City to discuss the key communications takeaways from this year’s annual gathering and PR’s role in defining many of the world’s crucial issues.

I would like to share a two takeaway points I gathered from the Davos Roundtable.

  • Leadership: One thing leaders must look at is that the global economic recovery is largely driven by perception and confidence. To have the confidence to invest and buy, we must first have confidence in our political, economic, and business leaders. Communications will play a very important role here by helping to restore confidence in global leadership. Solid communications from our leaders will help restore confidence not only in where our individual economies are headed, but where the global economy is headed.
  • Global Communications: At Qorvis, one thing we hear from our clients is that global communications no longer means just simply looking for global strategies that can be executed locally. Our clients demand more adaptability. They want to take their global strategies, and adapt and implement those market-by-market based on the local needs. This allows for strategies that work really well for all markets, instead of a one-size-fits all approach.

I felt that there was a heightened sense of optimism coming out of the World Economic Forum in Davos. In order to turn that optimism into reality, business and government will have to do more through good policy and good financial decisions.

Good communications individually and in partnership will be even more important.  Business and government leaders will have to figure out how to come together and make that happen.

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