Qorvis @ 12

Qorvis Communications was formed 12 years ago today with the promise of creating a new and better strategic communications company that would help global clients succeed in a radically changing environment. I am very proud to look back on the history of this company and say that we have indeed lived up to that promise. Today, Qorvis stands as one of the premier communications companies in the world and is home to some of the best minds and talent in the industry. We are proud of our history, I am proud of our people and we are ready for the future.

Since the start of Qorvis, we have witnessed the aftermath of 9/11, three recessions, two wars and extraordinary changes in the geopolitical map. We have seen incredible change in the way the world communicates – from the advent of Facebook and Twitter, to the social media revolution. Never before has the art and science of communications played such a critical role in corporate and government management, marketing, branding and world events. Through all of this, Qorvis has kept ahead of the pace of change and has broken new ground in new areas of online reputation management, mobile communications and digital advocacy.

While we have grown during the past 12 years, I believe that what continues to make Qorvis stand out is our dedication to the principles and values that were established at the formation of the company. Principles that include the personal involvement of senior management in every account, a research-driven approach to strategy and a clear focus on results that is summed up best by our mantra: “Promise only what you can deliver, and deliver all that you promise.”

We have established a corporate culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest in their respective fields. We have a culture that thrives on collaboration, a seamless integration of many different disciplines and a “campaign mindset” that makes every day buzz with the energy and excitement of an election day.

Looking back, Qorvis has worked with many great companies and brands, we have helped countless companies enter the new age of digital interaction, and have worked with some of the most important public policy and international issues of the decade. But I think what I am most proud of is our ability to use our talent and resources to support many important causes that were in need of the public’s attention. Over the years, we have worked to advance AIDS prevention, raised money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and supported the families of CIA heroes killed in the line of duty.

Looking ahead, more changes will surely come in the media ecosystem, presenting new and exciting opportunities for Qorvis. We will continue to embrace these changes and develop more effective strategies and tactics for engaging people – especially through social media – to help our clients build bigger and better reputations, brands and markets throughout the world.

Thank you to the Qorvis family, friends, clients and supporters who have made the last 12 years so rewarding. I look forward to the next chapter of our history.